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Global Cloud Connect

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Interconnect

With SPTel Global Cloud Connect, your businesses can now connect smoothly to your cloud deployment in a reliable and secured manner. A direct private cloud connection will ensure consistency in latency and bandwidth throughput as well as eliminate the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are common when accessing cloud resources over the Internet.

Interconnecting with up to 16 major cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc., SPTel can support your transition into the cloud with our low-latency and secured network.

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Product Features

Cloud Diversity

Cloud connectivity interconnects with a wide range of global leading cloud providers such as Google, Alibaba Cloud, IBM cloud and much more.

Multiple connectivity options

Whether you need a Metro Ethernet, IPVPN, Data Centre Interconnect (DCI), or a hybrid service with your Cloud Connect, we will be able to provide direct access to you. This eliminates the need to manage multiple cloud service providers.

SLA of up to 100% availability

With our Cloud Connect solutions, you’ll receive peace of mind that your business operations will always be up and running with geographically redundant Cloud Connect services.

How it works

Cloud Interconnect over service
HQ or Branch to Clouds

Available Service Schemes

Global Cloud Connect (Layer 2)
A dedicated point-to-point access connecting from your on-premises equipment directly to AWS cloud on our low latency network.
  • Ethernet Demarcation Device for proactive network monitoring and management
  • Supports Jumbo Frames
  • Performance SLA for Layer 2 Latency, packet delivery and jitter
Optional add-ons
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Protected Path:
  • Provides a higher service availability with diverse fibre path provisioned to a diversity exchange node, where automatic failover is programmed logically.
Diverse Path:
  • Diverse path for your 2nd Metro Ethernet link served via an alternative exchange node.
Global Cloud Connect (Layer 3)
A cost-effective and stable connectivity on our Layer 3 network that can offers point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and any-to-any topology that can be extended into existing MPLS network.
  • Topology options of Hub&Spoke or Any-to-Any
  • Connects seamlessly into customer’s MPLS network