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Improve application responsiveness with Edge Cloud

Edge Cloud or edge computing is an evolution of public cloud that distributes compute, storage, and networking resources outside of the network core and closer to the end user.

By placing resources closer to the data source, devices and applications that require compute power, such as surveillance cameras, do not have to send traffic back to a central data centre or public cloud for processing. This improves application performance and reduces bandwidth congestion to the central data centre or public cloud.

SPTel has numerous pervasive hubs for edge cloud computing distributed across Singapore. These locations are highly secured critical infrastructure locations and are well placed to support the anticipated trends for digital and data analytics services, especially in IoT & 5G deployments.

Best of all, this resource is highly scalable and additional resources can be requested and turned on virtually for the flexibility of a cloud services with the performance of on-premise equipment. This is complemented by SPTel’s Software Defined Network (SDN) that enables scalable bandwidth on demand, and the easy virtual provisioning of additional connectivity between customer sites, data centres and public clouds.

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Product Features

Ultra-low latency

Connectivity service from customer’s sites to Edge Cloud at a latency of <1ms to <2ms for real time applications.

Application-friendly container-based Edge Cloud Platform

A robust and user-friendly platform that allow multiple containerized applications to be deployed fast and reliably in SPTel’s Edge Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Interconnections

Made possible with Edge Cloud Connect supported by SPTel’s IPVPN service to connect private clouds or datacentre sites. Available cloud connections include public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. for holistic cloud compute connectivity.

How it works

Available Service Schemes

Edge Cloud
An ultra low latency and fully managed edge compute platform distributed across SPTel hubs in Singapore
  • Application friendly container based platform
  • Monitoring and logging capabilities
  • Elastic IP address
  • Dedicated GPU
  • Intel-powered hardware
  • Proximity coverage
  • Seamless network and IoT-a-a-S integration
Optional add-ons
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Additional worker node for scaling:
  • To achieve high performance for Customer Applications
On-Demand Edge Cloud Compute resources:
  • Scalable edge compute resource to flexibly increase computing power as needed